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yj disc holder


yj disc holder-j9九游会真人游戏第一品牌

yj series holders are used for reverse acting rupture discs.

yj disc holder

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technical features:

•use with reverse acting rupture discs

•insert holder desig

  can be pre-assembled in the workshop 

  ensure that the bursting disc is not damaged when disassembling 

•the rupture disc arch is contained in the holder assembly 

  prevent damage to rupture discs when mounting to flanges 

• size from 1” to 12”

• standard materials: stainless steel, carbon steel

• easy to disassemble without special tools

• suitable for 1 "-12" standard flanges

• with stainless steel nameplate containing parameters and a flow arrow


tee, nozzle, pressure gauge,excess flow valve, lifting bolts, special coating


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