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9800 buckling pin valve


9800 buckling pin valve-j9九游会真人游戏第一品牌

composition: butterfly valve, sactuator, blating needle assembly, cylinder, valve position indicator, pressure connection line, etc.;

blasting tolerance: ±5%, standard flange connection;

standard material: standard available;

sealing: the sealing material and method can be selected according to the applicable occasion. for example: choose fluoroplastic standard seal or metal hard seal for ultra-low temperature conditions.

9800 buckling pin valve

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9800 series large diameter buckling pin valve realizes the perfect combination of angular stroke switch valve and buckling pin technology. it adopts assist mechanism and triple eccentric butterfly valve to improve blasting accuracy, high operation ratio, high sensitivity, and stable use.

note:types and specifications of safety devices need to be calculated and selected according to the specific working conditions of the protected equipments and systems before quotations. 

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 · large diameter flow discharge

 · until the buckling pin is bent, the sealing level of the pin valve can be guaranteed

 · long-term operation reliability is high, no need to replace the seal regularly

 · setting pressure does not need to consider the influence of friction and medium

 · set pressure is not affected by circulation/pulsation/pressure

 · the buckling pin is easy to replace and can be used continuously after replacement, reducing costs

 · small tolerance and high precision

 · not easy to block

 · active mechanism control, fast action speed, high sensitivity

 · the main valve can be designed with ultra-low temperature, and the blasting needle assembly is not affected by the medium




 · motion detector

 · translational mechanism

9800 series large diameter buckling pin valve selection size guide


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