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common problems

safe pressure relief solution
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(1) safety regulations stipulate that the opening pressure of the safety valve is 0.115mh. the bolts should be carefully adjusted to adjust the opening pressure and make it conform to the specified value.

(2) check regularly (or regularly) whether the exhaust is normal to prevent the exhaust pipe, valve body and springs from being blocked or bonded by the ash and slag, viscous impurities and other dirt in the acetylene flow to ensure the sensitivity and effectiveness of the safety valve.

(3) if it is found that the safety valve has leakage or exhaust, it should stop working immediately, and can be used after maintenance and adjustment.

key points for safe use of bursting disc

(1) after the explosion, according to the regulations, the bursting disc should be replaced in time;

(2) copper plate, aluminum plate, iron plate or other plates shall not be used instead.

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