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the difference between safety valve and pressure stabilizing valve
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safety valve, pressure reducing valve, pressure stabilizing valve, pressure relief valve belong to the pressure valve, the main difference is the function.

relief valve a valve used to prevent damage to equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, or piping due to overpressure. when the pressure is slightly higher than the normal working pressure, the safety valve automatically opens to reduce the pressure. when the pressure is slightly below normal operating pressure, the relief valve automatically closes, stops discharging fluid and maintains the seal.

pressure-reducing valve is the medium of high pressure into low pressure of the equipment, the characteristics of the valve is in the case of constant changes in the import pressure, keep the export pressure and temperature value in a certain range.

pressure relief valve is mainly used in the occasions of excessive pressure, when the pressure is greater than the set value of the valve when the inner plate is pushed open timely release pressure, pressure reduced to the original position, and the safety valve is not much different, pressure relief valve refers to the liquid, the safety valve refers to the gas, steam.

stabilizer valve is a region of medium to maintain a certain pressure range of equipment. and the difference between relief valve:

pressure relief valve: reduces the outlet pressure to the rated value to reduce pressure, regardless of the change of inlet pressure.

regulator: maintains a constant upstream pressure regardless of downstream pressure and demand.

safety valve and pressure relief valve is two types of valves, is a special valve. among them, the safety valve belongs to the safety release device, is the special valve, only when the working pressure exceeds the allowable range, plays the protective role to the system. the pressure-reducing valve belongs to the process valve, which can reduce the pressure of the high-pressure logistics to meet the pressure requirements of the post-system, and its working process is continuous.

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