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jiangsu jiangyin aluminum plant explosion accident
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wuxi people's net on august 29 (reporter wang jiliang) at 2:00 am on august 28, jiangsu wuxi city zhouzhuang town jishan village wang tianwei lane jiangyin city yi ze aluminum industry co. the accident may have been caused by a worker's improper operation during production, but the specific cause of the accident will be determined by the investigation team's findings, the jiangyin municipal work safety administration said monday morning.

this morning, the reporter rushed to the scene of the accident found that all access to the scene of the accident all closed. nearby villagers recalled to the reporter, the accident happened at about 2 o 'clock in the morning of 28, the villagers who were sleeping suddenly heard a loud noise, everyone thought there was an earthquake, one after another from the home to the outdoor, then found that it was an aluminum plant explosion.

reporters into the accident site found that about 100 meters away from the accident site of the factory glass has been broken, the nearby car glass was also broken. after entering the scene, the reporter also found that the accident plant was almost flattened, the equipment has been destroyed, even the side of the five-storey building was also damaged. an expert at the scene involved in the accident's assessment said it was now highly likely that the accident was caused by improper operation or inadequate safety measures.

jiangyin city bureau of work safety said, because the cause of the accident investigation is still ongoing, preliminary understanding may be fatigue caused by the lack of attention to lead to errors in the operating procedures, or production process problems caused, but also do not rule out that there is a problem caused by equipment. the cause will not be announced until experts from the accident investigation team have analysed it.

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