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talent concept

jiangsu bafang safety device co,. ltd, adheres to the people-centered values, adheres to the talent development and coordination to promote enterprise development, the implementation of the "treatment of retention, retention, emotional retention" management model, the formation of "respect for labor, for knowledge, for ability and for creativity" atmosphere, optimize the talent environment, strengthen enterprise win-win.

select and introduce talents through multiple channels, vigorously promote internationalization of talents and localization of labor. we will expand the scope of the selection of outstanding talents, allocate suitable talents to appropriate positions, and strive to make the best use of talents.

three viewpoints of enterprise talent cultivation

talent is strong, the enterprise is strong. this is a widely held belief. i combine the work experience in the enterprise, talk about the enterprise to implement the idea of talent strategy.

i. further establish the concept of "internationalization of talents". at present, china is more closely connected with the global economy, and domestic enterprises have to face the competition from multinational enterprises. similarly, our "going global" strategy also requires a large number of export-oriented talents. therefore, we must train and introduce talents in line with international practices, in accordance with the standards of participation in international competition to train talents, so that our talents can not only in the domestic success, but also in the international competition. this is the direction that many enterprises need to work together. we must increase investment in the high-end market, further break through technological bottlenecks, realize the leap from "made in china" to "created in china", and create more "r&d in china", "design in china", "service in china" and "brand in china". however, compared with the gap in reality, what we lack now is innovative talents, innovative mechanism and innovative spirit. among them, talent with international vision is the key.

second, further sets up "the talented person is the living resources" the idea. in the market competition, the product is superfluous, the market economy itself is a superfluous economy, but the talented person is short of. what is talent? with the diploma is not necessarily talent, adapt to the needs of enterprise development is talent, that is to say, "small companies need guan, zhang, zhao (independent generals), large companies need liu bei, zhuge liang (entrepreneurs and professional managers). by talent, we mean not only technical personnel, but also sales personnel, management personnel and excellent operators. it is a good experience for some enterprises to create a field and drive an industry by introducing a talent, focusing on a product and managing a technology.

the best way for companies to get talent is to cultivate it, not just hire it. at present, many industries in china have serious overcapacity. we are still launching new projects and investing more in equipment. can rely on only "take a doctrine", the corner that digs company of the same trade. the demand for talents in the industry is infinite, but the excellent talents in the industry are limited and far from meeting the demand. enterprises should cultivate talents based on themselves more. therefore, enterprises should have two parallel production lines, one for manufacturing products and the other for manufacturing talents. we will work hard to create an atmosphere of respect for talents, knowledge, labor and creativity, so as to create a good environment in which a large number of talented people come forward and their talents are fully utilized. we should not only ensure the stability of the core talent team, but also strengthen the construction of talent echelon, so as to cultivate talents for the future of the enterprise, especially professional talents who share the vision and values of the enterprise.

further strengthen the concept of "people move". enterprise development depends not only on the quality and quantity of talents, but also on the use efficiency of talents. everybody says, want to leave a person through affection, pay to leave a person, career leaves a person, to real talent character, what value more is the stage that the career develops. enterprise to provide talents with broad space for display, both production and scientific research, each link to "talent" as the center, the capital allocation and the allocation of resources "for people", where talents, enterprise focus where it is, other resource flows where, make production elements configuration is always in the best state. talent for this, must not be degraded to. enterprises should set up special funds for the development of human resources, which will be used for the cultivation of high-level talents, the introduction of talents in short supply and the award of outstanding talents.

talents support enterprise development, and enterprise development brings up talents. we should foster a good atmosphere in which enterprises and talents develop together, products and markets progress together, and capital and technology increase in value. with this atmosphere, our enterprises will achieve rapid economic transformation and upgrading and new industry development, and the future of enterprises will be full of infinite vitality and vigor.